Nutrition is a good addiction!

By Dakota P

In this exercise, my family has $156 per week and $26 to spend per person. I figured out how much food my family needed by the number of people in house. This is really the same thing that my mom does when we go shopping because she always makes a list.  Things I thought about were the recommended amount of My Plate food for kids and adults.

We did this exercise at work because it shows us what we might need to so in the future as adults, and if we have kids. It wasn't that difficult to figure out what I needed for this exercise, because my mom did this before and I watched her do it.  My family is always worrying about what food to get and making sure it's healthy.

For me, the Tops experience was easy because I know what my mom does at the grocery store. The food was easy to find since I go with her and I know my way around the store. The items I needed most were located in the fruit and vegetable section. It was hard to run back and forth between the produce and dairy section since they are far away from each other.

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