My Plate, My Budget?

By Gabe C

This exercise was a fun and interesting one. In this exercise I was tasked with shopping for my 'family' of 2 adults and 2 children. My food money came from food stamps. Which, after some budgeting calculations I determined that I had $1.45 smackaroons per meal. This amount is higher than the $1.40 smackaroons average per meal for food stamps. We did this exercise as a means to convey the unfair standards that the government expects us to live on, especially when considering any financial limitations.


My plan of action when shopping was to deprive my family of any food-based joy, and only feed them the essential nutrients, which can be found in chili, milk and apples. Just like nature intended. Theoretically, I could live off a large pot of chili with milk and apples, as these are some of my favorite things to ingest. I would probably get sick of it, but, if my life was on the line, then I would get over it, because starvation is not chic.  I would have to change it up as to stave off my stomach's insanity.

Three ways that that my shopping list is good:
  1. it falls way under budget
  2. it fulfills everything the My Plate recommends
  3. I would only have to cook once a week.
Two ways that this would stink:
  1. It would get boring, fast
  2. It isn't very healthy.
  3. I would end up having my children hate chili

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