MAP Meets john powell from the Haas Institute

MAP Youth and staff were thrilled to be included in activities during john powell's week-long visit to the UB School of Architecture and Planning. Many thanks to the UB Food Lab and Dr. Samina Raja for inviting us to participate in his visit.

 After attending a public talk by john powell, MAP Youth #CommitTo his idea of a #NewSocialContract:

that is based on a set of core inclusive values, one that builds on our past and embraces our future. This compact recognizes our fundamental belief that we are linked by our common humanity, that we are bound together in our work to secure a fair and inclusive democracy, and that we are united in our commitment to care for each other and the Earth. There are certain times in which we are called upon to rethink, reclaim, and boldly articulate what we stand for, and to act, and we believe we are in one of those times today.

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