Farmhouse Construction Week 6: Fenced in!

Once all the fence posts were standing and cured around the farm perimeter fence panels were hung.

The longest fence line starts on Brayton Street . . . 

. . . makes a few twists and turns along the southern perimeter of MAP's property . . .

. . . and finishes on Shields street, a block away.

Most of the fence line is board on board fencing, but the portions facing the street are metal. (A side note - the blurs of red in the photo above are red twig dogwood or Cornus sericea. This time of year, when the weather is glum and dreary, their fire-y red branches really stand out! They are a native plant to this area, and are often planted in home gardens.)

This last section of fencing was installed just this morning. Unlike the other sections of fence, this part was built and installed onsite. Doesn't it all look just amazing!

Coming up - moving a telephone pole, digging a very deep hole and other trials of building in the city (during winter). Stay tuned!

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