What Surprised Me Most About the Farmers Market

By Cameron

My name is Cameron. When I went to the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market, my visit was good and bad.  It was cold and windy. Most people there were friendly, too. What I learned from going to the farmers market was there are many stands, different vendors, and not everything you would see at a grocery store. What I saw was a lot of fruits and vegetables, different farmers, and vegetables and fruits we grow at MAP. What surprised me the most was there were not a lot of things that are not in season. There were vendors who sold all the same things, mostly fruits and vegetables and there were only three meat vendors. My expectations weren't much, but I would like to see more vendors and different varieties. One thing I would do to attract more customers is to have a big sign saying, "Farmers Market." Secondly, sell things most people would buy and third, accept all payment forms.

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