My Visit to the Market Was Quite Interesting

By Ingabire

When we went to the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market, on Saturday, my visit was quite interesting. It's not my first time there but it was good to go back. The farmers market is always interesting because you never expect what you are going to see or who is going to be there. Every time I go to the farmers market, I learn that it's good to be considerate about what people want as a seller and, it's good to have labels [on your products] and also it's good to have a good presentation of your stand or market because those kinds of things are what makes the consumer come and consider what you are selling.

The thing that surprised me is that there were a lot more sellers than last time I went. I was expecting less like the last time but I saw more instead. The reason there were less last time I went there is because it was actually winter and the seasons are the most important thing that tends to affect farmers.

I wouldn't change much of anything to the farmers market, but if I had to, I would like them to always have free samples at each stand.

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