My Market Experience

By Win

My visit [to the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market] was very educational. I've been to markets like that when I was little, with my mom, but then we stopped. I used to love it because I personally love fruits and she would let me choose a quart box of anything I wanted and I would be the littlest, happiest girl in the world. So it was like a flashback and it was cool to see it again.

I learned about many different farms out there and what they did to care for their animals if they grew them and what they did for their crops. I learned many fruits and vegetables' seasons. It was pretty surprising to me. I saw many things I have never seen or eaten before in my life.

What surprised me was that an employee was very educated and filled in on the company/farm. She had an answer to every question we asked her except one. "What are some challenges you face?" She was only and employee so that's understandable. I didn't really have any expectations. It was overall a cool and educational trip to the market.  I would change the weather, add stone paths, and have water bowls for the dogs.

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