Farmhouse Construction Week 3: A blanket of snow

Last week's snow storm coved the farm in a blanket of snow, hiding the mud and halting work for a few days. It's possible to work outside when it is snowing, or cold, or windy but not all three at once! While the storm raged, and icy wind blew, lots of planning happened. Construction projects in cities have many seen and unseen obstacle to plan for - electric lines (and poles!), tight building quarters, and unmapped potential sewer lines to name a few. 

For the farm, winter is a time for fields to rest. The ground is frozen, and we don't want to disturb the biota that lives within the soil structure. Below, recently planted garlic beds are insulated by the snow. Milder temperatures next week should mean activity will resume on the farm, with only a short break for Christmas.

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