What have we done at MAP this fall?

By Mariama M

It was a Monday and after school, so everyone was kind of tired ya know?

So, a woman named Izzy had come to our workplace with activities to wake us up on the first day of work. She started off telling us about herself, but not too much. Then she handed these bags that had paper inside them - and that was it.

 So, we were all just wanting for her to instruct us on what to do. Then she says "we are going to be doing some drawings, but not of ourselves, but the person across from us." And we couldn't look inside of the bag while we're drawing either.

So, everyone's just trying not to look, and just joking and giggling around. Everyone was still trying to finish the drawings when time was called. A lot of the works were actually pretty good, and people were joking about how accurate the drawings were (which they weren't). But, it was a really fun experience to draw other people and then compare how you drew them and how they drew you.

So, all in all it was really fun and relaxing on the first day of work.

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