Speaker about sugar

By Thaint T

So, this was the second week of work - I forgot the exact date, but we were at the center. A speaker from UB named Kristen came during the second hour of work to talk about sugar. We were having trouble with the computer and projector so I wondered "how in the world will she have enough time for what she's here to talk about?" So, she ended up having about 45 minutes left and she just used her laptop. No one could see, so we ended up bunched like a pack of hotdogs. It was cold in the building anyways, so as hotdogs we warmed up a bit.

Kristen when through her presentation about sugar. We also went around telling each other what we ate that we thought didn't have sugar in it. Low and behold, everything that everyone ate contained sugar.

At the end of the presentation we did an activity. Everyone got a packaged snack product. We calculated how much sugar was in the snack, and measured that amount of white sugar into a cup. My snack was sugar free Red Bull. It didn't have any sugar in it, but I knew it had a sugar substitute. After this, I still haven't stopped eating sugar products though.

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