Pulling out eggplants

By Gabe C

One moment this fall I enjoyed the most was pulling out eggplants on Winter Street. Everyone in my group, but me, had a major problem with the dust that blew up from the newly exposed roots. When you pull the eggplants out of the ground wind blew dust from the roots into everyone's eyes. This gave me an odd sense of superiority where I felt extra productive. In the end, Levi washed his eyes and I took over pulling out eggplants for Dakota and Thaint.

By Levi B

It was a cold autumn morning on Saturday. Claire tasked me, Gabe, Dakota and Soliegh with pulling out the eggplants and collards greens. I didn't think about the random gusts of wind until IT happened.

As my coworker Gabe was pulling out a plant stormy winds swept through the areas and caused dirt from the roots to blow into my face. I brushed off all the soil, but my eyes began to burn. They stung so badly I felt as if someone was using a cheese grater on my eyes. 

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