Going to see Randi Zuckerberg at UB

By Isabella A

Last week I got invited to hear Randi Zuckerberg speak at the University of Buffalo Distinguished Speaker Series along with other coworkers and I was excited. I got driven there by Claire with Maire and Gabe. It was so cold, and when we got there I was really hyper because it was my first time at UB seeing a distinguished speaker. The stadium was so huge and I walked around before Randi spoke. I talked to the people that greet you when you walk into the stadium, and then went all the way to the top of the stadium and saw everything from above. I also went into the bathroom and saw a sticky note that said
"smile today is your day."
When I saw Randi speak it was cool because she was funny. She talked about an app called Zombies Run that makes you run faster because you think you're getting chased by zombies. She also talked about something called google cardboard where you put your phone in it and you don't have to touch your phone to play a game. I even sent in a question asking if she spoke to her belly button, but she didn't answer it. Overall, it was a great evening!

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