The consumer has all the power

After today, a lot has changed about the way I feel about my food.

Since the 'Meet your farmer’ activity with Danielle, I definitely feel more confident about how to tell where my food comes from. Now I know that I can look at the packaging to see not only the nutrition facts, but also where the food was sources, and this information will help me to make more morally conscious decisions about what I am eating.

Danielle also taught us about the different terminology that describes certain foods. I learned the Halal meat describes meat from animals that leaved long, healthy lives, and were slaughtered humanly. Furthermore, kosher produces are healthy, regulated Jewish products that must follow strict guidelines. These were terms that I didn’t know before.

As a group, we discussed why certain people don’t eat specific foods for various reasons. For instance, some faiths don’t allow port to be eaten. More over, many people are vegetarian in rejection of animal cruelty. Along with these are so many more small, individual house rules that govern what and what not is eaten in every family.

Lastly, we did a group activity, in which I learned what kind of questions I should be asking to food producers about their products. Danielle stated: the consumer has all the power when it comes to what they buy.  
~ Peter R

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