This week's menu: Italian Flying High Ninjas!

Summer Vegetable and Pesto Pizza

Made with peppers, onions, tomato and broccoli from the Mobile Market and basil from the Youth Garden.
From Simply in Season

Classic Italian Pasta Salad

Made with broccoli, cucumber, and onions from the Mobile Market.
Based on this recipe.

Green Salad with Caesar Dressing

Kale, cucumbers and red marble onions from the Youth Garden.
 Dressing based on this recipe.

Garlic Bread

Recipe developed by Ben H

Cannolis with Orange Ricotta Filling

Filling made using this recipe.

Lemon and Orange Infused Water

By Ben H and Adam P

Last week we made Italian food for MAP’s community lunch. It included pizza, garlic bread, pasta salad, green salad and cannolis.

Ben - I was in charge of making garlic bread and pesto for the pizza. I wound up making eight loaves of garlic bread! I’ve never seen such a glorious sight before! We had three huge platters piled high with mountains of golden garlic bread.

My favorite part of the meal were the cannolis at the end. We made more than we needed, so some of us got to each more than one. That was the first time I’ve had a cannoli, and I liked it. It reminded me of a chocolate, cream-filled fortune cookie.

Cooking with this group of new MAP youth was easy. They were a quiet group, but they still had lots of good questions, and insights to share with me and my fellow specialist Adam. This past week was the smoothest running in the kitchen ever. We got done with all the prep quite early and their weren’t any dishes like there are usually. However, out timing for cooking was off. The pizza took longer to cook than expected, so the oven was tied up making the garlic break late too. We didn’t get people eating until around 1:15.

 Adam -  I made the pasta salad which included pepperoni, onions, peppers, olives, broccoli and past. I also made the Italian dressing to go with it which was mostly vinegar and olive oil. The peppers came from the mobile market. My favorite part of the meal was the cannolis because the cream was mixed very well. We made it from a recipe found online. This week’s group was quiet but worked very well together. Everything went over well and it was another successful meal!

We give thanks for the Sun even when behind clouds it hides.

We give thanks for the Wind though it bends the birches low.

We give thanks for the Rain gentle or torrential. 

We give thanks for the Earth.

For it's Beauty and Glory and Power we give thanks.

Give us Grace to be good Stewards of this our Inheritance. 

~Annabelle Woodard

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