Summer farm update by Alexis

By Alexis S

Back on the farm, and thankfully this time the rain has come to bless our fields. This week was a great week on the farm with the rain helping the crops and the new youth helping to renew our beds.

Every Thursday the new youth come to the farm and helps with maintenance. As of late, we have been working on placing wood chips next to each bed to ensure no weed growth on walking paths. After some hard days of work our beds looked completely transformed.

Our vegetables continue to grow full and strong thanks to the rain. The green beans, okra and cucumbers are all doing very well. However, out squash seems to be having a rough time. No matter how many times we water, it only takes a few hours of scalding heat to make the squash sad again. With the help of our cistern we are trying to refresh the plants with as much water as we can.

The week Javert and I also got a lot accomplished. We starting new seedlings. We also transplanted lettuce that we previously seeded. We learned how to carefully remove plants from trays and place them into the ground. I felt very happy to see plants in the ground, which at one point were just small seeds.

Over all, this week was a great week and I though it went very well. From a full harvest to starting new plants, in one word I would say my week was productive. In the future I look forwards to a great harvest and hopefully the rain will continue to feel generous.

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