Working together on the market

By Khadijah H

Every work day on the Mobile Market we meet at our office on 271 Grant St to pack up everything we'll be needing for the market. This includes: the produce, tables, stand for root vegetables, and the tent to give some of our produce shade. We also carry water in buckets to keep our produce moist and ice to keep our produce at a cool temperature.

Sometime my partner and I count the money that's in the cash box while we're driving to the site so we know how much money we are starting with. We also do inventories so we can keep track of how much of each produce item we are starting with.

When we get to the market site we take everything we packed off the truck and start setting up. This usually takes us about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it is very crazy at our farm stand, especially, in the beginning at certain stands. When it is busy we each take a customer and give them service to help speed up the process so we can get to our other customers. Sometimes we have one person bring out produce from the Mobile Market truck to re-stock as produce sells out.

At the end of our working house we pack everything back up and we take it back to the office and do an end inventory of how much produce is left, and how much money we have make.

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