Keeping the garden organized

By Birch

The garden is finally growing! The cold weather is officially gone and our garden is starting to become filled with lunch green edibles. We are growing 10 plant families, in 13 beds. All together we're growing around 45 different crops with different harvesting and growing habits.

One might wonder "how do you keeping track of everything?" or "what is your system for being organized?"

Well, we use the garden planning chart.

Every week we either put a light blue or red sticker in front of every crop, depending on it's status of: growing or has been harvested. With this, we have a 2x3' visual representation of the statues of every crop in the garden. This year has been pretty hot and dry, so if you spot the broccoli row (green arrow) you'll see that the broccoli was predicted to be harvested last week, but there is a light blue sticker there because it wasn't ready.

Also, thanks to the chart we have an idea of what Friday meals can contain. I know for one, I am looking forwards to the July 24th meal because our handy dandy chart tells me we'll be having eggplant!

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