Joining the Healthy Corner Store project

From the Healthy Corner Stores kick off in January 2016
By Neena H

I'm excited to see how a healthy corner store will impact our community. Currently, corner stores provide people with a quick snack and a drink, like chips and soda. By bringing healthy alternatives, customers can improve their diets. Studies show how a healthy diet can prevent some diseases such as obesity and lower your changes of a heart attack or stroke.

Most corner stores are located in food deserts where healthy, affordable food is scare. This project could change that by making produce that previously could only be found in the grocery store accessible. Customers could change their pallets, and try new things. No longer would they have to take a bus, car or train to get produce. No one should be have to go to bed hungry, or malnourished because produce was too far and expensive.

My major in college is called Food Studies. It focuses on food policy and the issues surrounding it. The healthy corner store project is addressing a part of the issue reflected in my major. A major in Food Studies has graduates dealing with food security, sustainability and distribution. I hope to use this major to work in a government agency dealing with these issues.

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