CommonBound Conference

 By Neena H

CommonBound was an experience unlike anything I've been to before. It brought people from all over, and all walks of like to share ideas on reforming our economy. Local organizations and members of the New Economy Coalition help panel discussions and workshops. Each workshop went in depth on issues our society faces, from different perspectives.

It was refreshing to see such a diverse group of leaders and learners brought together to talk about change and take actions. Today we are still reeling from injustices and oppressions of the past. To begin to heal, conferences such as these are necessary and a good step in the right direction towards overcoming social, economical and political injustice.

Being new to the Growing Green Community Organizing team this summer, I am looking forwards to learning how to organize. I believe that Organizers are the ones that can start a revolution, one that our society could benefit from.

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