MAP Holiday Sales

By Orion Valentin

This past Saturday I went to Buffalo Seminary, which is an all girls’ school. Buffalo Seminary had an event where people came in and there were different tables with people selling a bunch of different things. Katie, Mariah, and I sold a lot of MAP products, like mugs, salsa, chili-starter, and t-shirts.  People especially liked the mugs and chili-starter. One couple even bought four mugs and a chili-starter!

We also had gift boxes there for sale. The gift boxes came in two options, one included a mug and chili-starter, and another had the mug and a salsa. We didn’t sell any gift boxes though, because people wanted either just a mug, just a chili-starter, or just a salsa. No one wanted the gift boxes that we pre-made.  We made the gift boxes three weeks ago at work, and are selling them now.

The thing I liked about the sale at Buffalo Seminary is how all the people I talked to were nice.  I learned about the people’s personalities and met a lot of people who like to buy and try new things. A lot of people bought our mugs. They said it was cute how the mugs could be used as a flower pot or a mug.

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