Today in the youth business group we read and talked about the book "Where Am I Wearing". Today's section was about whether Americans should buy sweatshop made clothing and if we should jobs where people work for pennies an hour or a day and have bad working conditions. If we dont buy those clothes will that put people out of work for the low paying jobs? Is is worse to have a low paying job then no job at all? How can we support good wage jobs in other countries??

We in America dont really often have to deal with the reality of sweatshops. We get cheap clothes but dont have to see people working in terrible in human conditions. The author of this book went to countries to see people who make clothes for gap, bugle boy, and other companies and was faced with these questions. I thought this was a great part of the book because the writer really told us that we should all respect one another's living conditions. When we read more next week we'll find out more about how we can support better work conditions for people who make our clothes.

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