Hey friends it's Ashley giving a shot out to growing green youth. This summer each group had to teach a weeks worth of lessons on a specific topic and we got the topic of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and the green economy. We are teaching our lessons through a movie ( thestoryofstuff.org ) , games and team based activities. We are having a personal challenge with recycling all the youth are to bring in their recyclable items and they will be weighed, and the person with the most stuff in weight will win a prize. we are also having an recycling egg hunt and even numbers dodge ball. So see you if i survive the week and the dodge ball.

Environmental Stewardship- is the process of taking care of the earth by not only talk but action

Sustainability- is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely (to be able to support oneself on ones own land)

Green Economy- is a rapidly growing billion-dollar sector that includes renewable energy sources, organic produce and products, green buildings, alternative fuel vehicles, and more.

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