hey wats good everybody it's your gurl LINA AKA PALESTINIAN PRINCESS!!!! What up how ya doing well as you all know I am from Growing Green Works and well what we were doing yesturday in work preparing for the future of Growing Green Works in the summer time. Our plan for the business group for the summer is having us (the Growing Green Works veterans) teach the new kids about the business group and what we do. We're thinking of activities we can do to build team work. For example we could play the game called "where the wind blows", or the "line game,"and "co-op wrestling game," to name a few. Also, we were thinking of doing each-one-teach-one, thats where we pick a topic and have to reaserch that topic, print handouts and collect information and make copys to teach a subject or a topic to the group. It sounds like a lot of work because it is. I couldn't wait to get mine over and done with, but when you are in the process of teaching it's fun! Did I just say that? I think I did wow!! Shocking Huh? oh yeah. Very soon we will be coming out with a new product that we can do with the new kids and tell them about our 1st product, Amazing Chili Starter. We can spread the word all over because our Amazing Chili Starter was a success!!

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