Meet Soliegh!

My name is Soliegh and I am a sophomore at Tapestry High School. I have always lived in a very art oriented household on the west side of Buffalo. Some of my favorite activities include drawing, listening to music and hanging out with friends. In the warmer months when I'm not at work you're likely to find me and my crew gallivanting around Delaware Park or laying on a blanket in Bidwell. I LOVE THE SUNSHINE!

I have worked at MAP since the beginning of summer 2016. I first heard of the summer program at the Mass Ave farm stand and pursued it because of my interests in food and agriculture. I have learned a lot of good skills at MAP, such as sustainability, advocacy and how to be environmentally conscious.

My favorite part of of working at MAP is all of the farm work (minus moving mulch). My least favorite part is writing blogs. I really enjoy having this particular job while attending high school because unlike school I'm actually interesting in everything I do here and I like having a separate community of people from school.

I'm interested in food justice because like most systems in America, the food system is completely backwards and I feel, often overlooked. The amount of food waste and the number of starving people in this country is completely unacceptable. Another thing that concerns me is the process of producing food that is harmful to the environment, ie monocropping, CAFO's and the way that meat is treated before and after the animal is brought to slaughter.

I have absolutely no idea what I want to do next in life, but the ultimate goal is to own a boat.

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